Hypnotherapy is a spiritual, intuitive, healing process
The hypnotherapist is guide and facilitator helping people choose the focus, move into it and release what is beneficial. The session begins with relaxation which facilitates talking with the uncopnscious and Higher Wisdom. Feelings of fear and grief can be explored while detaching from the initial intensity. Both adult and Inner Child are supported in this past stress. The incident does not disappear but much trauma is released. People are aware and in control throughout the session, remembering everything. The solutions evolve from the individual's intuitive Higher Wisdom, not the analytical self. This is spiritual healing.

Background on the uses of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy explores belief systems. The therapist always supports the individual's beliefs, and their inner Wisdom guides the process for their greatest good. Conflicts and stress often lead back to childhood, developing from relationships with parents or the culture. With support, the inner Child is empowered and protected to move beyond fear. Sometimes, the problem leads to a past life. It is possible to travel back in time, visit a past life, heal, learn and forgive old grivances gaining new wisdom for the future. It is also possible to travel forward.